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June 23, 2013
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Haruke MA App by Watolf Haruke MA App by Watolf
Haruke oc is belong to me. Also it was REVAMPED.
Texture reference belong to;………………………

Real name: (past) Bran Lucky (present) Haruke
Nickname: Black Cat

Age: 18

Height: 4'6

Weight: 115

Monster type: Black cat/ one and fourth vampire…
another form: Into a black cat form and a beast form.

Grade: freshman

Glamor Item: Hairpin

Favorite class: Potion class

Worst class: Human studio

Current Classes: none

Passed Classes: Potion class

Current point: see Kalub

Natural weapons:
-dark scythe
-night vision

Trained weapons: dark scythe, but still not expert with it.


:bulletblack: choker and collar--
---Present, two collars belong to Atlas and Cele.

:bulletblack: Black Cat cannot move if someone grabs the back of his neck and pulls him up when he is in cat form. It feels numb to him and makes it difficult for him to change back to his true form.

:bulletblack: not have strength

:bulletblack: vegetables.

Major Skills:
-When Haruke feels like it, he can often cause bad luck to whomever touches him or crosses the line of where he recently walked. The curse is limited to three minutes. It's NOT SUPER EFFECTIVE.
- Haruke can changes into a huge beast (look like a dragon, but not.). That's going require a lot of energy for it and the negative energy.
-Communicating with the animals- Haruke can talk with any mixed beasts and cats, but not a regular animals.

Minor Skills:
- negative energy: Create a dark scythe from peoples' negative feelings, eating a negative energy recently for him to keep alive.
- Sensing other people's aura, positive and negative energy when they starts to emotions . If it's strong aura, he can sense them easily, if it's weak aura, he will hardly to sense it or unable to sense it.
-reading. (Bran)
Haruke have a Split Personality. Bran are a shy, friendly and a little mystery person. He's very social person and like to meets new people. Bran can be grouching if he's not in a good mood. For Haruke, he are pretty tough mind person. He just like to teasing around the people to make them feel down. There must be reason for Haruke to keep doing it. However, he's pretty secretive and depression person- maybe not too much right now. When he's getting upset, sick, anxious, lusting, excite, and hungry, his back will shows a black tattoo spinals around on the skin from the shoulder blades down to hips and near to the thighs.
:bulletyellow: Being pet
:bulletyellow: enjoys eating fish
:bulletyellow: outside more
:bulletyellow: teasing on the people
:bulletyellow: nap
:bulletyellow: have friends
:bulletyellow: sip some of blood.

:bulletred: have friends
:bulletred: losing to someone
:bulletred: collars and chokers
:bulletred: back of his neck being pulling

Character's Background:

He was once a normal little human boy. He was not a handsome or beautiful person, his hair and eyes were brown. He wore glasses and was attending to a regular middle school. He was easy to pick on and some of the kids threatened him each time by nearly stabbing him with scissors and other sharp objects close to his eyes and the right side of the mouth. Luckily, they decided not to hurt him since they knew that they would get into trouble if they hurt Bran badly. However, they were really annoyed to see Bran's face since he's a nice person.

A bloody day, Bran stepped out of the train, which was not normal this time. He glanced to all the kids who had letters like the one Bran received. As he looked up to the strange purple sky, which had no stars but did have a moon, and then he looked down to see a crust of sky from the distance. Its color was bright red like a blood twilight. He look to other side to the crop, a corn field. Its little dark yellow mix, tan like if it was fall already. He wondered if it's normal, until he turned to see a bus, realizing it's a train this time.

"What is in the world...?" He whispered softly, "this is not normal... why is sky different, why is..." he stopped as he look to all kids walk into the corn field which was too high to be able to see them anymore. He was too afraid to walk now, then he glanced to where train is, but it's no longer there. "Huh? where was that train going?" he paused when he saw there's no longer trail for train, but crops, "what...?" he slowly felt goosebumps inside his body, as he is standing on the one sidewalk square. Not wanting to be alone, he decided to try and find all of those kids who walked into the crops. He ended up walking in the crops and couldn't find them. He eventually found that he had walked to the same place again, realizing that he was walking in circles.

"I walked wrong way again?!" He started to breathe a little harder from too much nervousness. Again, he walked circle to the same place, but finally he had an idea. He pulled a sharpie marker so he could leave marks on the corn sticks.

*pause his story for now*

Animation Of Bran Ab by Watolf



He was dafter forward and back from the human world to the Halloween world, where the surviving monsters and demons were once human. Human kids attended to the Halloween world, which once had around 200 of humans students, but... they had to take illusion and danger events until all of them had passed it. However, only less than 30 humans survived from those events in less than one week.

The black cat was one of those survivors. How come, how did Bran turn into "the black cat"? Did something happen to him and in his haunted Halloween school? Why had students died in there? Is it his punishment for his dishonest soul?

+ Extra information:

Haruke was already taken- in the relationship with Atlas

Bran: :iconbranhappyplz::iconbranfuriousplz::iconbranpoutplz::iconbranshyplz::iconbransurpriseplz::iconbranimpatientplz::iconbrancryplz::iconbranpokerfaceplz::iconbranmischiefplz:
Haruke: :iconharukecatplz::iconcuteharukeplz::iconharukechibiplz:Haruke by Watolf:iconharukeblushplz::iconharukebluntplz::iconharukeunhappyplz::iconharukebabyplz::iconharukebigsmileplz::iconharukebranplz::iconharukewoundplz:

Roleplay method :
I will rping rarely at Monday to Friday, due of college attend and homework/tests. Mostly my free time on weekend.
My most preferable style is Script. But, I can rping both script and lit styles.

I'm using mostly;
-skype (ask me first, once you're member in MA.)

Explain of my way with script;

:iconharukeunhappyplz: (Cafe) Haruke: *he staring to another person, trying to sense their energy, so he can eats a negative energy to keep himself alive.* hehe- what's next prank I should to do- *his eyes are on a new student.*
Atlas belong to :iconrawrthedino:
Cele belong to :iconbalisk:
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snowfang123 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Student Artist
so awesome ^^ Kyouko Toshinou (Sparkle Nose Bleed) [V1] 
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hello and sorry to bother you, but I need you to reformat your application to match the new lower description area, just move around a few things and subtract a few things to make it easier and simpler to read.

You can view the new description area here:
Watolf Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
thank you for let me know, I might will try to finish it. Depend on my college time. OTL 
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Watolf Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
sure xD 
Zero8426 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013
I love his design. Wonderful work!
Watolf Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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