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June 3, 2013
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Leonian MA App1 by Watolf Leonian MA App1 by Watolf
Grammar/English edited by Xyorutenshi and athorment
Name: Leonian Sphirena

Age: 16

Monster type/species: Light Ocelot; Born from the light that shone upon a star to bring a child to the mother's womb as the chosen one. Its social interaction with different animals and humans depict its alignment. Light isn't always necessarily pure. Both the light and the dark can choose their destiny.

Grade: Freshman

Glamor item: Gold choker

Favorite class: not yet

Worst class: not yet

Current Classes: n/a

Passed Classes: n/a

Current Points: Look at Kalub's application

Natural weapons:
-fangs; To bite into people's flesh. For darkness, the light might effect their dark flesh. Depends on how strong the dark being is.
-eyes/cat ears/tail; It's easy to tell by his emotions through his body language/gestures. (This also means that he has a hard time hiding his emotions, LOL).
claws; His hands can transform into silver/white and light claws
- Nocturnal; He can see in the dark, so there's no problem for him to use his light power all times.
- Light; if he's happy, his body might glow a little.
-Body; his body is warm... like a fireplace.

Trained weapons: A saber sword, razor-colored silver along with a little gold and blue on the hilt.

:bulletgreen:His tail being touched, it makes him lose his focus even in the battle.
:bulletgreen: Becomes weaker if someone is able to drain his energy away.
:bulletgreen: Anger/irratation; If he becomes angry, all the light energy from inside of him will gather too quickly and send energy bursting out of his body, the sudden loss of all that energy leads him to abruptly passing out
:bulletgreen:knock out, which will stop his replica from continuing.
:bulletgreen:Catnip, depends on his mood
:bulletgreen:Darkness is stronger than Light.

Major Skills:
:bulletblue: Flash to stun people, if they're close enough to him. Stun will only last less than a minute.
:bulletblue: Levitating; he can floating in the air, own orbs turn into flame-like light under his feet. That's how light helps him lift up off the ground. (10 minute limit, he's using his own energy afterall.)
:bulletblue: Replica of himself; It can talk normally and has the same mental capacity. (only a one replica limit, but it can walk around with Leonian as long as he wants.) It means Leonian is going to be solitary at the famous emo corner and talking with his replica friend Leonian.

-He can create a light to mirror of himself as a replica. His replica's color scheme is different. His color is similar to his human form color, one different thing is the eye color; it's brighter than a golden one. Once Leonian uses a light to create orbs, there's a limit while having a replica of himself. He can only use three light floating orbs to attacks while his replica helps keep people distracted from him. Without a replica of himself, he can create seven light orbs.

Minor Skills:
:bulletyellow: Light orbs; they can whack people like a boxer fighter punches. Light are not fire type, so it won't hurt people when a light touches them, but for dark, it depends on how people are able to manage with against light.
:bulletyellow: Dancing; Leonian practices dances with his replica very often. (Since his brothers don't want to doing silly girly stuff with Leonian.:iconmingplz:) He uses bells around his wrists and ankles to jingle it, make a ringing sound during his dances.
:bulletyellow: He can sense positive(light) and negative(dark) energy coming from the people when they're near him. Only 20 feet in radius of Leonian.

He is a bit of a solitary person after his mother's death. He can be grouchy sometimes, this is partly why it takes a while to become friends with him. Since he doesn't like being touched. He always lets his rage come out if something bad happens to him. Then he walks away to cool down OR he might use his own orbs to beat a person up if they refuse to leave him alone. Leonian is not always a mean person. He can be a nice person once you get to know him and it takes a while to get along with him and his impatient personality.

His ears and tail getting stroked. They are his most sensitive spots. Note: You must first become friends or more importance to him. The ocelot let you to stroke his ears and tail.
+ Catnip, yes, all cats love that type of stuff. Don't use it in the battle, that's going be totally unfair. -shot-
+ Milk, it's normal for cats to love it.
+Eating fish, frogs, bugs, and mice... (how odd...)
+ Friends
+swimming in the water
+practicing with his replica

- Candies/sweet foods (because cats can't taste sweet things.)
- when his replica is made fun of
- being bothered
- being bothered during his nap time. (His replica will punch a person while Leonian is near conscious.)
- being called weak.
- being touched by strangers. All because of Yin.

Leonian's Background:
When Leonian was born from his mother's womb, his hair was a bright white hair like a shining star. When mother held baby Leonian on her warm and lovely arms, his hair faded back to his regular silver color. People became excited since they had never seen a light choosing them like that in their clan. The Eldest in the clan pronounced to everyone that Leonian was going to become their hero to protect their homeland in the future, guided by a light fate. Time passed, the young Leonian was attending a small school for training with swords and others objects that was required to learn. The little ocelot wasn't really interested in fighting too much. He just stared at the forest, and enjoyed the breeze and great views. After his training he returned home. He saw a stranger who stood next to his mother, both of them seemed they had a discussed something. Leonian's body started to glow as if it was telling him that that stranger had darkness mixed with light powers. The stranger smiled with a cloak covering his face with a shade, but his black hair was partly revealed. The little ocelot stayed away from the stranger, suspecting that person. Leonian's body kept bothering him due to his light being close to his darkness. The Ocelot listened to what his mother asked the stranger about a name. The stranger answered Leonian's mother, "Yin", that's how Leonian 's first met with Yin.
In the following days, Leonian kept practicing how to control his own powers. Yin became his teacher and told him what to do. How to control his light. Leonian could see that Yin suffered with his light every time he trained with his powers. He kept observing Yin with suspicion. Leonian's mother started to crush on Yin. The little ocelot, Leonian believed that this was due to Yin's wooing skill. A few months later, the ocelot frowned after he saw Yin proposed to his mother.
The Ocelot disagreed with this, but his two older brothers didn't. They just accepted it. In about the range of two years later, Leonian found his mother dead in the kitchen room after he returned from the small school. He couldn't even find where Yin was, he was gone. Several years later on his 16th birthday. He sat on the mattress resting from his dance practice. His second brother, Vitorian, walked in the small hut and glanced over at Leonian with a sly grin. He held up a paper related to Monster Academy and put it on the lower table next to him. Vitorian sat down next to Leonian, his elbows on the lower table. The young Ocelot opened the folded paper and read it. His second brother told him that he should go to a better school, possibly get a better education and learn to manage his powers better.

Roleplay method :
I will rping rarely at Monday to Friday, due of college attend and homework/tests. Mostly my free time on weekend.
My most preferable style is Script. But, I can rping both script and lit styles.

I'm using mostly;
-skype (ask me first, once you're member in MA.)

Explain of my way with Script;

:iconleonianhumanplz: (courtyard) Leonian: *he sit on the tree as the replica pop out next to him.* "HEY LEONIAN~! What do we should to play?" The replica purred. Leonian glance to the replica, then a people with serious looking.* There's nothing to play, Pal. *he frowns.*
Extra information:
Leonian's relationship status; <not taken yet.>
He met people so far in Real Role Play;
Nina/dislike/due of dark
Talon/dislike/due of dark
Xoren/like as friend/ Sharing a light and flame together-
Revan/dislike/ due of dark
My other Original Characters;
I have other two more ocs from MA too~
and ~
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