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February 28, 2013
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New Oc App 3r1 by Watolf New Oc App 3r1 by Watolf
for now... .__. *look to lot information* need doing that task too.. :iconlazepoolplz:

*copy then past*

Edited by xYorutenshi <3


Name: Kyoko (It Means Mirror)

Glamor Name: Kalub

Current Classes: none

Passed Classes: none

Current point: 16, 417

Age: 17 (You never know. Because you know how Kitsune are. ---still 17 xD)

Glamor age: same age- 17

Monster type: Ice Kitsune (as demon)

Natural weapons: ice magic, making weapons out of ice. He can create ice, but there is a limit on the amount of ice he can make from his body.
Trained weapons: He's best at using the sword- more so than other weapons..... :iconbambooniplz:-shot-.

Grade: freshman

Favorite class:

Worst class:

Weakness: Fire, of course, since fire can melt ice, like a snow man.

Major Skills: Ice creator, speed like flit, swordsmanship skills.

Minor Skills: reading, fencing, and ice skating.

History: He was born of the fox clan, gifted with the power to control ice, but it's also problem since he can't hug or pat his own friends or family, in doing so would cause them get hurt by the ice or get frozen for while. Poor guy. He's a bit different from his family. He never met his mother and can't remember her face. He was raised by his human father. He practiced his powers inside his house and hardly socialized with humans since he's not supposed to. He still doesn't know how to change into his full fox form yet.

But he wonders, why did his mother leave him and his father all alone? If you want to know why, go check out Wikimedia and search "Kitsune" and it will share lots of legends to show why she and other female Kitsune do this. But ironically, the males are not supposed have fox powers, but for Kalub ended up getting them. And even the power of ice. Why?

His personality is little grumpy, he doesn't like to talk a lot. If someone is really cheerful with him, then he might be less grumpy. He is only nice to those he's already become close to. He is somewhat romantic like kitsune and lover in the Japanese legends/ folklore. He's doesn't care about the gender of person he might fall for it.

Likes: snow, someone treating him normal, likes to eat ice cream. He likes being pet, also his tails are his weak spot to pet too- he REALLY likes it *SHOT*

Dislikes: fire, someone betraying him, English... yes, too much pressure.

Roleplay method :
I will rping rarely at Monday to Friday, due of college attend and homework/tests. Mostly my free time on weekend.
My most preferable style is Script. But, I can rping both script and lit styles.

I'm using mostly;
-skype (ask me first, once you're member in MA.)

Explain of my way with script;

:iconkyokopowerplz: (cafe) Kyoko: *he chuckle a bit while he sit on the chair, his elbow are on the table while palm on the fox's cheek to support his head weight, watching the window.*
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Peacelover2 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013
omg he is so cute I am in love :iconomgsocuteplz:
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i love ice creatures ;D (don't ask me why... i just do...)
he has sutch a cute monser form ;DDD
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aww~ thank you, lol
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